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Now Taking Reservations/Deposits for kittens born on April 4, 2024!

About TashasDolls Ragdolls

TashasDolls Ragdolls is a TICA registered Ragdoll Cattery, located in the Pacific Northwest of USA. We are nestled next to Mt. Rainer in Puyallup WA, just South of Seattle and SeaTac. Our kitten’s are raised in home, along side us and our three children (5yrs, 13yrs, & 18yrs), making them amazing family pets.

Our top priorities, here at TashasDolls Ragdolls, are the physical health, the emotional health and the wellbeing of our Ragdoll Kitten’s, including the kitten that you choose to reserve or purchase. To ensure your kitten is healthy, happy & safe, (before going home to you & once at home with you), we make sure the kitten has 2 doses of the vital FVRCP vaccine, has been dewormed, has been microchipped (with a lifetime registration). We also give the kitten baths (will give/apply flea treatment if necessary) to ensure they are fluffy & flea-free, we socialize the kitten starting at an early age to make sure he/she has the sweetest temperament possible. 

The kitten’s health record, and a kitten contract will also be provided upon your kitten going home with you, which states: A 1 year health guarantee that your kitten will be free from common Ragdoll genetic diseases will also be provided upon purchase of kitten and agreement. The kitten’s TICA registration papers will also be provided once the new kitten owner provides proof of spay/neuter to the breeder.

We hope you find the Ragdoll Kitten of your dreams here, if we currently don’t have any kittens, we soon will. So, if you are interested, you can put down a deposit and we will put you on the kitten waiting list (in order of when deposit payment was recieved). Once there is a new litter, we will go down the list, and one at a time our customers can pick out a kitten, or they can pass and wait for another litter. Deposits to get on the waiting list for a kitten is non -refundable, but it is transferable to another kitten.

We are a closed Cattery, so we don’t allow visits. My number one priority is healthy kittens and it’s not good for young kittens to be exposed to all kinds of new germs. I hope you can be understanding of this. We have pictures and videos of the kittens. You can even follow us on Instagram or YouTube.

Once your kitten is ready and old enough, we will meet you or maybe even deliver your kitten to you (fee applies). We can ship your kitten, but only if someone comes to pick the kitten up (we can meet you at Sea Tac Airport in Washington State) and take the kitten in the cabin of the plane with them. Or, you can hire a Traveling Cat Courier. They pick up the kitten for you and deliver to you.

If you have any questions, or are interested in reserving or purchasing a TashasDolls Ragdoll Kitten, please submit a kitten questionnaire so that we can address any concerns and help you find the perfect kitten for your family and lifestyle. You can also email or text us. We look forward to hearing from you!

What's A Ragdoll?

The Ragdoll is a relaxed, happy cat and, like a child’s ragdoll, many of these cats will go limp in your arms and flop like a stuffed doll when cuddled. Generally, the Ragdoll is a loving, quiet cat with a laidback disposition. If you are looking for a very active cat or talkative cat, a Ragdoll probably is not the breed for your family. However, kittens and young adults can be very rambunctious, and most Ragdolls are always willing for some level of play.

Ragdolls are generally known for their tolerant attitudes with other animals, as well as with children. Often compared to dogs due to their friendliness and intelligence, they can be taught to play fetch.

Temperament: Sweet, Loving, and Social

Size: A large breed. Males can weigh up to 15-20 pounds, while females generally weigh 10-15 pounds.

Colors: Ragdolls are a blue-eyed, pointed (darker face, legs, tail, and ears) cat. Ragdolls are lighter color on the body with definite contrast between body and point color. Ragdoll colors may be seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, red, cream, cinnamon, mink, sepia or fawn. They may be tortie and may have lynx stripes (tabby markings). There are three possible patterns:

Colorpoint: Dark points with no white, lighter color on the body with definite contrast between body and point color.

Mitted: Pointed with white paws (“mitts”) on the front feet, white “boots” on the hind feet, white chin & white belly stripe.

Bicolor: White chest, legs, stomach & ruff, with white inverted V on the face.

Here at TashasDolls Ragdolls we love the rainbow of colors that Ragdolls come in. From Traditional Pointed Ragdolls with blue eyes to the Mink with aqua eyes, we love them all. There have been some questions on whether or not minks are purebred Ragdolls. Both Minks and Traditional Ragdolls are purebred Ragdolls, as confirmed by TICA. The term “Mink” refers to an original bloodline that dates back to the very first Ragdoll cats and the first Ragdoll breeder that created them. All of our Ragdolls at TashasDolls Ragdolls are purebred, so as long as you buy your Ragdoll kitten from a TICA registered Ragdoll breeder, you most definitely will get a purebred Ragdoll kitten.

Life Expectancy: Many Ragdolls live to their mid- or high teens, however life expectancy varies on factors such as genetics and care.

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